Annual General Meeting of N Health Technology Oy 2023

Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 29nd May.

Annual General Meeting of N Health Technology Oy

N Health, the group company of innovative and fast-growing therapy brands, will hold its AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Monday 29nd of May in Helsinki. The shareholders can participate in the meeting remotely or at company headquarters.

After AGM, the company will publish a summary of its year 2022 in form of Annual Report, which can be downloaded or requested later on this website.

N Health therapy subsidiaries serve tens of thousands of customers annually.

We are the market leaders in psychotherapy and speech therapy services.

Our network comprises over 500+ professionals and encompasses more than 40 locations across Finland. This remarkable growth has been made possible through our unwavering commitment to a customer-oriented strategy that goes beyond delivering high-quality therapy services. We prioritize every aspect of the customer experience, from our strong online presence and proactive customer engagement to our continuous quality assurance efforts and user-friendly digital solutions. By focusing on these key areas, we ensure that our customers receive exceptional care and a seamless journey throughout their therapeutic process.