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N Health is a group of leading therapy companies in both the traditional and digital therapy space, employing over 350 healthcare professionals and 40 additional team members.

Healthcare industry leaders creating innovative digital health and wellness solutions

Our network consists of 350+ healthcare professionals and 40 additional team members, located across over 40 locations throughout Finland. Our team’s substantial and rapid growth has been facilitated thanks to our customer-oriented strategy which does not limit us solely to providing high-quality therapy services, but allows us to engage with all aspects of customer experience starting from online presence, customer engagement, continuous quality assurance and user-friendly digital solutions.

The N Health group of companies is responsible for overseeing the operations of subsidiary company operations. The management of the group company is an entrepreneurial team of experienced healthcare and business professionals and the team is strengthened continuously to ensure the quality of leadership that our fast-growing fleet of business lines require.

Key contacts

Jouni Karvo

Chairman of the Board

+358 40 741 4162

Jouni (MSc, Econ) is a professional board member/chairman and advisor to multiple mid and small cap growth companies, which include Timma, EMU Growth Partners, and Yield Systems. Jouni’s expertise ranges from strategy design and execution, to restructuring, and even the selling and buying side of M&A. Jouni has been the Chairman of the Board at N Health since late 2021.

Lauri Hasanen

Managing Director

+358 50 566 3611

Lauri Hasanen (MSc, Econ) joined the N Health team in late 2021 and brings valuable leadership and healthcare sector expertise. She previously worked at SATS ELIXIA, Fresh Fitness, Forenom, and Oral Hammaslääkärit before joining N Health.

Pia Kauppinen


+358 44 516 2416

Pia Kauppinen (MSc, Econ) is experienced M&A and finance professional with a strong business development and strategic mindset. Prior to her career with N Health, Pia worked in the healthcare sector at Oral Hammaslääkärit (a dental clinic chain), as well as being the controller/CFO experience manager from TietoAkseli and Tiimari, and also oversaw companies from an auditor’s point of view at Deloitte.

Matti Penttinen

Co-founder, Member of the board

Matti Penttinen (MSc, Economics) is the co-founder of N Health and is responsible for new business developments within the Group. Matti has a background in management consultancy at Deloitte, following which he launched homecare services as part of Posti’s strategy team. Matti has also been a board member in N Health since the company’s foundation.

Olli Sirkiä

Co-founder, Member of the board

Olli Sirkiä (MSc, Industrial Engineering and Management) worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company in Europe and the Middle East. After his consultancy career, Olli has founded multiple companies in the software sector, including the highly successful contact center software company, LeadDesk (IPO, 2019). Olli is also board member at N Health and also serves with a few other private equity owned international companies.

Katja Koski

COO, Member of the board

Katja Koski (PhD, Logopedics) joined the N Health core team in 2021, at the same time as Äännekoulu joined N Health therapy family. Katja is known as a prominent character in the speech therapy sector where she has developed a digital concept for pronunciation error corrections with unparalleled efficiency. Katja is responsible for N Health’s speech therapy business development and also holds a position as a board member at N Health.

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