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The best results are derived from quality services. N Health has become one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the Nordics with an average annual growth of over 320% . As a privately-owned company, we aim to continue the firm’s healthy growth, which is supported by ensuring that the company’s doors remain open for new investors wanting to be part of our sustainable growth company. We are on a genuine mission to reshape the therapy industry in Europe.

Fastest growing digital health and wellness companies in the Nordics

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As a Finnish, predominantly employee-owned company, N Health publishes its annual report on its own initiative to emphasize its transparency amongst its customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

N Health’s annual report includes information about the company’s strategy, values, and key financial and operational figures.

N Health has widely outperformed its competitors – we call this “The Execution Gap”



Digital-first therapy leader

The years from 2020 to 2022 revolutionized many industries, and this includes the therapy field. The need for therapy services, the way therapy was provided, and the understanding of the magnitude of the mental health problem, were the biggest drivers for change. As an anecdotal example, N Health service companies, Noste and Äännekoulu, shifted their therapy sessions from clinic-based services to video connections in less than two weeks. This shift reshaped customer preferences, and altered therapists’ views on the efficiency of online therapy and telehealth regulation permanently. For N Health, the digital shift was the final validation of the chosen strategy, resulting in amazing growth in the number of new customers and therapists understanding the value proposition of N Health as an employer, service provider, or  partner.

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Growth across all our sectors.

The group’s revenue has grown across all business units. N Health also completed one acquisition in 2021, when the leading speech therapy company in Finland, Äännekoulu (Äänneloikka Oy), became part of N Health’s therapy family. Äännekoulu is the undisputed leader in speech therapy services, both in quality and volume, and its results-proven digital service line is already widely used in Finnish private and public healthcare.


Mental health


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Increasing numbers of healthcare professionals are joining our mission.


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Happi health therapists

A brief from our CEO

In 2022, N Health Technology Group had a successful year, making significant progress in the therapy industry. The company introduced Happi, a digital therapy platform serving B2B customers, connecting them with a diverse team of over 300 experienced therapists. Additionally, Äännekoulu, the speech therapy subsidiary, experienced substantial growth with the addition of new speech therapists. The company’s financial performance also thrived, with revenue increasing from 14 million euros to an impressive 22.5 million euros. N Health remained committed to improving accessibility, availability, and affordability of therapy services while focusing on the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

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“The improvement in customer satisfaction is a great vote of confidence from our customers and a fantastic testament to the professionalism and passion of our Noste and Äännekoulu.”

Lauri Hasanen
Group CEO

The three cornerstones for modern digital therapy

Most customer encounters already engage digitally

In 2022, over 50% of all customer encounters were handled online within N Health therapy companies. Some previous prejudices and uncertainties morphed into enthusiasm for our customers and therapists, and as a result, we saved thousands and thousands of hours and kilometers spent in travelling to the clinics while improving our customers’ levels of satisfaction. Digital appointments are here to stay, and there are already countless therapists who have continued fulfilling their customer relationships online.


Our strategy going forward

N Health continues to build its reputation as the best place to work as a therapist while providing the most accessible therapy services to customers. Our goal is to maintain the firm’s position as a national leader in all therapy formats as we enter into and build the organizational infrastructure to enable continuous growth and development.

Our core strategy is to improve the availability, accessibility, quality, and affordability of therapy services by increasing the size of our clinic network, pushing for greater investments, and utilizing digital services to expand our range of therapy services to new geographic areas, therapy sectors, and customer segments.


As a healthcare provider, the environmental, social, and governance responsibility (ESG) is a core value of our company. We strive to ensure the safety and security of our employees, customers, clients, and partners in all situations.

Responsibility is emphasized even further in healthcare operations where data security, quality of treatment, competence development, and employee wellbeing are matters of honor to N Health and all of its subsidiaries.

Not every company is in position where they can achieve what we have the opportunity to achieve: we can directly improve our customers’ and society’s health by following the mission of the company: to improve the accessibility, availability, and affordability of therapy services.

Annual report 2022

We publish the company’s annual report on our own initiative to all stakeholders to increase the transparency and to share our knowledge to the industry, since we can’t solve the huge global healthcare problem alone. Please request a copy of our annual report summary by email to find out more.

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