The year 2022 in review from our Group CEO

The year 2022 marked another successful chapter for N Health Technology Group as it continued to make significant strides in the therapy industry. The company embarked on a new venture called Happi, a digital therapy platform targeting the B2B field. Happi is a medical application that seamlessly connects customers and professionals through curated therapy programs, comprehensive educational materials, exercises, and video sessions. Currently available for B2B customers in Finland and offering services in six languages, Happi boasts a diverse team of over 300 experienced therapists.

Furthermore, Äännekoulu, our speech therapy subsidiary, experienced significant growth, with over 20 new speech therapists joining the company. This expansion highlights our commitment to providing top-quality speech therapy services and meeting the increasing demand for such services in the market. At the same time, we also increased the number of psychotherapists who wanted to work with us significantly.

In terms of financial performance, N Health Technology Group achieved remarkable growth, with revenue increasing from 14 million euros to an impressive 22,5 million euros. This significant increase underscores the success of our strategic initiatives and the growing recognition of N Health as a leading player in the therapy industry.

Throughout the year, N Health remained dedicated to its mission of improving the accessibility, availability, and affordability of therapy services. As the company continued to expand its portfolio and explore new therapeutic areas, it solidified its position as a socially responsible actor in the healthcare sector. N Health’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals and society at large was further exemplified by its focus on assisting welfare regions in improving the overall well-being of their inhabitants, as well as catering to the mental health needs of businesses and their employees.

Looking ahead, N Health Technology Group is poised for continued growth and innovation. The success of Happi and the expansion of our speech therapy team provide a solid foundation for the company’s future endeavors. As we strive to meet the ever-increasing demand for therapy services, we remain dedicated to improving the accessibility, quality, and effectiveness of our offerings. By leveraging digital solutions and continuing to foster partnerships with private and public sectors, N Health is positioned to make a lasting impact on the healthcare and well-being of society.

In summary, 2022 was a year of tremendous achievements for N Health Technology Group. With the introduction of Happi, the expansion of our speech therapy team, and notable financial growth, the company demonstrated its commitment to providing comprehensive therapy services and driving innovation in the industry. As we continue to advance our mission in the years to come, N Health Technology Group is well-positioned to lead the way in revolutionizing therapy services and improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

Lauri Hasanen
CEO, N Health